When you have dreams you sometimes have to go unexpected ways to make them come true. Some people leave their home to do so. Not just their home, but their home country. NITSAN BERNSTEIN has done exactly that. She left her home Israel to come and live in Berlin. So what is her dream? Be free, be creative, meet intriguing people and perform all over the world. NITSAN’s world is music, her art singing.

It has been a little more than a year since NITSAN moved to Neukölln. “I feel at home already“, she says. “Especially because Neukölln reminds me of Israel -  it’s so multicultural.“ Before she made the move she had been to our Mother City before and she remembers she liked the art culture of Berlin. A perfect fit. Because her ambition is not only to sing and perform, but also to create something with, behind or alongside that music, for example drama, paitings, videos or dance.

NITSAN is primarily writing in Hebrew, but since she moved to Berlin writing in English has become more and more natural. “Sometimes I want people to listen to the story, so I write in English. Sometimes I just want my audience to enjoy the music and sound of another language.“ When performing she also likes to improvise, and mixes the two together. Her style varies as well- it ranges from Jazz to Soul and Gypsy music, from Middle Eastern to European.

If you have a look at the video above, you can listen to a special song of NITSAN’s. It is called ‘In the middle of the sea‘ and NITSAN herself calls it a “goodbye song for Israel“. Jerusalem is her home town, but she did not feel creatively challenged, she felt limited in her creative choices. NITSAN studied in Tel Aviv and one day while swimming in the sea she realised that was the place where she really felt free. The chorus of the song came to her right there, later she went back to it and finished the song. She even made a video with a director she knew, which you can see above. Still, that realisation made her think and in the end decide to leave her home behind. The leaving of the old and finding a new home are themes that inspire NITSAN to write her own songs. She is currently working on her debut album with the producer Roland Satterwhite. She had her first recording session, but it will still take about a year until the finished album is available. We will of course keep you posted. But NITSAN is not only a studio singer, she is performing with many different bands from various cultural backgrounds as well (for example see her concert with Silodka below). She confesses that she prefers a live performance over recording at the studio because „recordings are a set thing and stay withyou like they were, but singing live is something you could call art of the moment and I find that very beautiful.“

NITSAN BERNSTEIN found a way to make her dreams come true in the middle of the sea. It is only fitting that one of her debut songs has its name from her experience. If you liked the studio version on YouTube, you will probably also enjoy NITSAN’s art of the moment. She is giving her debut show on the 23rd November 2014 in the Ma Thilda Bar, Neukölln. She would be very happy to see many different people there and talk about music, life and dreams. And of course present her very own songs – about home, leaving and a new start.

Text: Sophie Jüterbock

Her upcoming performances
23rd November 2014
Debut Concert
Ma Thilda Bar, Neukölln

9th December 2014
Concert with Silodka, Nitsan’s Gypsy Band, combining music with cabaret 
Keller, Neukölln

Nitsan’s youtube channel

Nitsan’s facebook page

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